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Our Priorities for 2023-2028

Starting Well – Childhood Healthy Weight

Excess weight in childhood significantly increases the risk of developing long term-conditions including Type 2 diabetes and asthma, as well as being associated with anxiety and depression.

There are high numbers of children in certain areas of South Bristol living with excess weight. South Bristol Locality Partnership is focussing on Hartcliffe, Withywood and Filwood to reduce the number of children who are overweight at ages 4-5 years old.

Living Well – Harmful use of alcohol

Long term alcohol misuse can increase the risk of several chronic conditions and diseases, and there is a strong link between alcohol misuse and poor mental health.

The rates of admissions to hospital due to a condition or disease caused by alcohol is significantly higher in South Bristol than the average in England – 1,064 per 100,000 in South Bristol compared to 587 in England during 2020/21.

South Bristol Locality Partnership’s priority is to focus on getting people the support they need, whether they are dependent on alcohol and need specialist recovery services or are worried about their drinking and would simply like to talk to someone about their concerns in a safe, supportive environment. This in turn will help reduce hospital admissions.

Ageing Well – Falls

In South Bristol the rates of Emergency Department (ED) attendance following a fall are higher than expected – there were 1421 Emergency Department attendances for falls for South Bristol from 1 April 2021 to 18 August 2022, compared with an average of 826 for other areas of Bristol.

South Bristol Locality Partnership is keen to address the causes of these falls and reduce the number of falls in the over-65s which result in ED attendance by 50% over five years. We believe that taking a preventative approach is key. Our broader Ageing Well programme also encompasses work to reduce Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and to halt the increase in the number of people with diabetes type 2.

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